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Custom Publishing 101 - Choose your own content
Our team of experienced acquisitions editors can guide you through the process of choosing content, and help you create the perfect set of materials most relevant to your course goals and students' needs. Please Contact Us so we can learn more about your project ideas.
Unlike large, traditional textbooks, custom publishing allows you to mix and match from various sources, providing your students with one-of-a-kind course materials.

You can choose from:
  • • Journal articles
  • • Book chapters
  • • Cases
  • • Newspaper articles
  • • Other published material
With our copyright management services, you're always protected. And with our great pricing and direct-to-student distribution, your students will typically save up to 40% off their textbook costs.
In addition, our Online Library of Content has thousands of selections from dozens of publishers — all of the readings are pre-cleared and offered at reduced permission rates.
For product information, visit our Products & Services page.