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Custom Textbooks Step-by-Step Guide
Custom Textbooks offer a unique opportunity for you to produce a professional-grade book loaded with content from a variety of sources. These projects are designed for larger enrollments, and usually take about 8-10 weeks. More Info.
STEP 1. Tell Us About Your Project STEP 1. Tell Us About Your Project
Let us know the scope of the project, enrollment, and page count. Since these products are ideal for larger classes, we can be even more aggressive with our copyright fee negotiations. To get started, fill out our easy Author/Editor Information Form or call us at 800.200.3908 x71.
STEP 2. Place an Order STEP 2. Place an Order
Simply use our Order Form to indicate due date, binding type, cover preference, and other project specs.
STEP 3: Submit Materials STEP 3: Submit Materials
Upload or e-mail us your reading list as a Word document, send your originals, master copies, or books in a pre-paid FedEx Pak that we provide, and upload any digital files.
You're done! We'll keep you in the loop with the layout, production and printing. We're always available for you.
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