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Copyright Clearance Services
Copyright Guidebook
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University Readers offers thorough copyright clearance management services to protect our clients from costly copyright infringement lawsuits and liability. Statutory damages can run as high as $150,000 per infringement, so don't take chances with corner copy shops or illegitimate course pack providers. We provide the following copyright clearance services for all custom published materials:
For you: The reassurance that your interests are protected, and that we'll take care of all the work. Be worry-free when it comes to using copyrighted material.
For your students: They see a good example of legal behavior when it comes to using 3rd party content.
Our services include:
• Contact publishers to obtain copyright clearance and pay all due royalties to copyright holders. Over 98% of all requested material is cleared.
• Negotiate with publishers to obtain the lowest royalty fee possible.
• Indemnify your bookstore, faculty, and institution for expenses associated with defending copyright infringement actions from materials we clear.
• Research sources when unknown to obtain copyright clearances from obscure authors, publishers, and other copyright holders.
• Archive all copyright clearance contracts for resubmission & repeat use.
• Communicate persistently with publishing companies for quick turnaround on copyright clearance requests, enabling our company to effectively clear most copyrights in only 1-2 weeks.
Download our FREE Copyright Guidebook to find more information. Or, call us for more information at 800.200.3908 x71. We're here to help you!