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Course Packs
Course Packs
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A perfect alternative to high-priced, off the shelf textbooks, course packs are both relevant and inexpensive. These products allow you to teach with the most up-to-date material and save your students up to 40% or more off normal textbook prices.
Our services include:
Copyright Clearance by a staff of experts
• FREE 30% PDF download for early reading
• FREE table of contents, pagination and clean-up
• 2-4 week turnaround time. Ask us about even faster turnaround!
• Printing, binding, and flexible distribution options to students
• The best customer service on the planet. Our Testimonials prove it.
• Spiral or fast-back binding - See Binding Options
Upgrade Options:
• Custom covers or template designs - See Cover Options
• Perfect binding - See Binding Options
Interior Layout Options are also available when you upgrade your Course Pack to a Custom Textbook. Learn more about Custom Textbooks.
For instructors: Easily combine your choice of content (journal articles, case studies, newspaper articles, book chapters, readings from our Online Library, and original work) to create custom material specifically designed for your course. Get Started.
For your students: Students simply order the custom project through our online Student Store and we delivery direct or they can conveniently purchase through a campus bookstore.
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