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Custom Textbooks
Custom Textbooks
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With our professionally-designed textbooks, you can choose content from a variety of publishers, and even add your own content. Our services include interior layout and custom-designed covers all built into the packaged price. In addition, if enrollments are large, we can aggressively negotiate copyright fees to make your Custom Textbook even more affordable for your students.
Our services include:
Interior Layout Options
Deluxe Cover Design
Perfect Binding
Copyright Clearance by a staff of experts
• FREE 30% PDF download for early reading
• Better rates with larger enrollments or multi-term classes
• 8-10 week turnaround time
• Direct delivery to students
• The best customer service and publishing management on the planet. Our Testimonials prove it.
For you: Easily combine materials from a variety of sources – including original content – and have a professionally-bound and formatted book that will look fabulous. Ideal for larger enrollments, but also perfect for multi-term use. To get started, fill out our easy Author/Editor Information Form or call us at 800.200.3908 x71.
For your students: Significantly lower costs than typical textbooks, and a direct, e-commerce delivery model. Students simply go online and order the project direct. See How Easy It Is For Them and navigate to Instructions & Help > Purchasing Materials > Demo.
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