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Flexible Distribution
Our distribution process is all about choice and flexibility – we make it easy for you and your students by offering online, e-commerce ordering and customized delivery options.
For you: University Readers works with professors, administrators and bookstores to design distribution models that make sense for each individual course. Typically, we ship directly to students, but can also ship to the bookstore or your coordinator.
For your programs: We offer special arrangements to meet your needs. Contact Us with questions.
For your students: Getting their materials is as simple as logging into our secure website, selecting the right course, and making a quick & easy online purchase – which we ship directly to them usually same day.
We offer a variety of easy options for distributing custom course materials to your students. When you submit your project, you will be prompted to select one of the following options for your students:
• Online purchase and direct shipping with Free 30% PDF Download
• Campus Bookstores
• Volume Shipping to ANY location