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Binding Options
We've got a variety of options to choose from – use basic course packs, three-ring binders, or go with perfect binding to lift your cover to a textbook feel.
Spiral/Coil Binding Spiral/Coil Binding Fastback Tape Binding Fastback Tape Binding
Durable option which allows user to open Course Pack completely flat while reading Sleek and flat for easy portability
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Perfect Binding Perfect Binding 3-Hole with Binder 3-Hole with Binder
Sleek and professional with full-color spine and back cover. (Recommended for multi-term use or large enrollments.) Readings inserted into a 3-ring binder, allowing user to easily add and remove pages
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3-Hole with Shrinkwrap 3-Hole with Shrink Wrap Staples Staples
Pre-punched readings to be inserted into a 3-ring binder Available for packs under 50 pages
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