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Publisher Partnership Program
Sell more content, increase your revenues, and gain market share.
As a value-added partner, we help bolster your revenues with little to no work on your part.

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How it works in a nutshell:
Simply provide us with digital content from books, journals, and other publications. We organize them into individual readings in the relevant topics and promote them in our Online Library to professors teaching those courses. More Info

How we make it easy for thousands of professors to choose your content:
• Our sales and marketing engine promotes your content to over 100,000 professors
• Our inside and outside sales force tells their clients about your content
• A track record of over 3,000 professor clients and penetration in over 500 schools nationwide
• Online library of content + our process provides one-stop, start-to-finish custom publishing for professors

For more information:
Contact Natalie Lakosil, Senior Licensing Manager, at 800-200-3908 x548 or By contacting Natalie, you can:
• Set up a 15-30 minute consultation to see if University Readers suite of custom publishing solutions may be a good fit for your organization
• Request a comprehensive Publisher Partner Sample Kit to see how University Readers can increase your revenues and exposure
• Receive a brief tour of our Online Library