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Client Testimonials
Prompt, efficient personalized service delivered with a smile and caring attention. No need to worry about results. What you see is what you get...on time and in the classroom.
~ A. Marco Turk, Professor, Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies (UC Irvine)
You produced high-quality copies at an affordable price, with a very short turnaround time. My account manager was very helpful. I couldn't be more satisfied with the service.
~ Abbe Herzig, Assistant Professor, Education (University at Albany - SUNY)
Excellent product. Excellent service.
~ Abe Witonsky, Professor, Philosophy & Religion (Rowan University)
I've used University Readers for years for my courses in U.S. History, Urban Studies and Planning, and Thurgood Marshall College, and I have alwyas been impressed by the high quality of the service and the product that University Readers has delivered. When started to use University Reader for the Dimensions of Culture of Program this year (large, complex productions all three quarter) University Readers helped us to create a package that was clearly superior to previous readers. University Readers presents articles and book excerpts in a uniquely elegant and economical way!
~ Abraham Shragge, Director, Urban Studies & Planning (UC San Diego)
University Readers impressed me initially with cost estimates 15-50% lower than comparable services, which was particularly attractive given my concerns about keeping costs low for students. I became even more impressed once the process began, particularly in regards to the rapid, patient, and always congenial responses from my account managers, and the staggeringly rapid turnaround on the final products. I intend to utilize University Readers in revisions of the course packs I'm using now and in the future, and I have already recommended the service to every colleague who enquires.
~ Adam Buhman-Wiggs, Professor, Psychology (Benedictine College)
For years now, I have been consistently delighted by your focused efficiency in producing elegant readers with high res texts and images. You always keep up with new printing techniques to meet the needs of XXIst-century university teaching. Once I even emailed you my order from Paris and was enthralled, albeit not surprised, to see you appear on the first day of the new term with the finished product. You had taken care of all copyrights and details for the precise custom-designed synergy of journal articles and chapters from scholarly volumes that have become indispensable instruments of teaching and research for our students. I have immense admiration for your art and craft, your velocity, your courtesy, and feel indebted for our collaboration.
~ Alain J.-J. Cohen, Professor, Comparative Literature & Film Studies (UC San Diego)
It always feels a bit risky working with someone new when you are creating materials for a class. What set University Readers apart was not just the convenience of creating a reader online, but the professionalism of their staff, who answered questions late into the night. They created a reader for my 400-person class quickly and effectively, and I will encourage my colleagues to use them in the future.
~ Alexander Halavais, Assistant Professor, Communication (University at Buffalo - SUNY)
In comparison with services provided by similar businesses in the local area, in my experience University Readers has consistently delivered the best all-around service.
~ Ana Paula Ferreira, Professor, Spanish & Portuguese (UC Irvine)
I was very pleased with University Readers, my colleagues said it was an excellent work, and the book cover is better than what can be expected from a mainline publisher, the price was low and the professionalism all around cannot be beat.
~ Andy Hanami, Associate Professor, International Relations (San Francisco State University)
University Readers combines rapid turnaround time, reasonable pricing and classroom delivery. I wouldn't trust my Xeroxing to anyone else.
~ Anna Williams, Professor, Communication (UC San Diego)
We suffered from two major reading materials problems prior to working with University Readers. For one, it was becoming too inconvenient for students to visit the library and make copies themselves, especially with no guarantee that a book was available. Additionally, not every student could find the time in their busy schedules to make copies - so class discussions were being impacted. With University Readers producing & distributing custom reading materials to students directly, everyone saves time and students come to class prepared.
~ Anne Lynch, Librarian, Library (Episcopal Divinity School)
I like that University Reader provides free pagination and table of contents and is almost equally convenient to my students since they already buy lots of things from the web. The fact that the high quality product and service comes at a slightly lower cost is an added bonus.
~ Assistant Professor, Business
I got the course packs today, and they look great!
~ Associate Professor, Psychology
The service was excellent! Everyone has been a tremendous help. The desk copies were sent promptly, and I really felt looked after through my first semester with the whole course pack.
~ Breanne Fahs, Assistant Professor, Women's Studies (Arizona State University)
University Readers is consistently the best deal for both professors and students. They are fast, professional, cheap, and convenient. I have used them for several years and have never been disappointed.
~ Brendan Allison, PhD, Professor, Computer Information Systems (Georgia State University)
I have been truly delighted with the service University Readers provides. It's amazingly efficient and your staff is incredibly courteous. Moreover, students are extremely pleased with it too. They have commented on how favorably it compares in cost and quality with the on campus service.
~ Caroline P. Murphy, Associate Professor, Art History (UC Riverside)
Very convenient service, good quality readers and a very friendly customer service. Always willing and able to help in 'last minute emergencies'.
~ Catherine Ploye, Professor, French Language & Literature (UC San Diego)
I am very happy with the way the Reader came out and my students are too.
~ Christine Duverge, Professor, Comparative Lit. & Foreign Language - French (UC Riverside)
I've got to recommend a service that is able to discover that even more of my materials than I suspected were in the public domain--and thus kept the cost down.
~ Clinton Young, Professor, History (University of San Diego)
This has been the smoothest Course Reader process I've experienced in 20 years of university teaching. Great communication, fantastic service, affordable for my students - what more could I ask for? University Readers is not just a copy shop online, it's a service that makes my job easier and improves the educational experience for my students.
~ Craig W. Heller, Ph.D., Director, Interdisciplinary Studies (Florida Gulf Coast University)
I just wanted to let you know that I received my desk copies for my coursepack for PHI3300 today and I'm very pleased; I'm also impressed with the speed of University Readers. The final cost of the coursepack too is a happy surprise, considerably less than the estimate and well within the range of what I was hoping for. So, many thanks sent your way!
~ D. Gene Witmer, Professor, Philosophy (University of Florida)
I have been consistently impressed by University Readers' exceptional commitment to service excellence. I have found University Readers' staff members to be extremely courteous and reliable in all of my interactions with them. The quality of the course readers produced is excellent and delivery is always on time. I recommend University Readers enthusiastically.
~ Dan Stokols, PhD, Professor, Planning, Policy & Design (UC Irvine)
University Readers offers excellent course packet and copy services. The staff at University Readers is refreshingly courteous, congenial, and willing to work with one's specific needs as an instructor. I was also impressed by their ability to produce quality products and to efficiently work with copyright clearances. I very much appreciated their flexibility in working around my schedule, and I valued their dedication to effectively meeting the demands of the intense quarter-system calendar. I strongly recommend their services.
~ Daphne A. Brooks, Assistant Professor, English (Princeton University)
University Readers is tremendously helpful in getting my notes to students as a custom reader. Students enjoy a convenient spiral-bound notebook, online versions of the initial chapters, and much more. I strongly recommend this service for all instructors who want to get their materials to students in a timely, organized and professional fashion.
~ Dario Nardi, Professor, Human Complex Systems (UCLA)
I have been enormously impressed with the knowledge, customer orientation, and responsiveness of Seidy Cruz, a University Readers representative. She makes one feel as if our classes and issues are the object of her complete attention. She is a star. I wish all customer service people in other industries were as effective and delightful to deal with.
~ David H. Blake, Professor, The Paul Merage School of Business (UC Irvine)
Your fast and courteous service keeps me coming back for all my course needs.
~ David Mares, Professor, Political Science (UC San Diego)
I am an instructor of various music courses at two universities, the University of Colorado at Boulder and Regis University in Denver. Recently, I began using University Readers as my Course Packet source. They have published two packets to date and I am planning on having them do more next semester. The packets look very professional and the service is excellent. Lisa Brosterhous, the Account Executive I have dealt with, has always been prompt and helpful when answering my questions, and courteous and professional in every way. We are only into the second week of the semester but several students have already said how nice the packets look. My students appreciate the fact that there is more than one way to order the packet,
~ Deb E. Corisis, Professor, Music (University of Colorado, Boulder)
I really enjoyed using University Readers because I only had to identify the readings for the packet. UR did the rest. It was an easy and quick process, and students could access the material easily. I heard no complaints from students, and they typically had the materials within a few days after I gave them the link to UR. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who uses packet materials.
~ Denise Herz, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice and Criminalistics (CSU Los Angeles)
We are very pleased with the University Readers service for the HIEU 137 War and Society class at UCSD. The reader looks great, and we appreciate your personalized door-to-door service, having your reps come to the classroom and sell the readers. We hope our students have been good customers for you. We also are most grateful for the extra free copies you provided for the instructors and grader. You and your people definitely go beyond the call of duty. Thank you very much for your help.
~ Doug McGetchin, Professor, History (UC San Diego)
Publishing an original work with University Readers has been a great experience. When it comes to publishing, they provide resources that are extremely convenient for students and instructors. With outstanding customer resources and a very capable team, they made the custom publishing process simple. This allowed me to focus on the development of the content and its application to my students. University Readers did an equally excellent job marketing our publication. They took the time to understand the audience and leverage resources to reach it very effectively. Their marketing efforts have proven to be invaluable, and I look forward to working with my Account Manager on future projects.
~ Doug Wilson, Adjunct Professor, Lundquist College of Business (University of Oregon)
Excellent, competent and friendly service, quick turnaround, and reliable copyright clearance procedures. I've been very happy with my experience with UR, and they are the only company that I would think of promoting among my colleagues.
~ Dr. Andrew Morris, Associate Professor, History (Cal Poly)
I have been nothing but satisfied with University Readers. The staff is amazingly helpful and supportive, and the finished product looks professional and is incredibly user-friendly (e.g., page numbers, table of contents). The availablity of the first few articles online is also a life saver for students waiting for their course packs. I have nothing but good things to say about University Readers.
~ Dr. Carrie Smith, Assistant Professor, Psychology (University of Delaware)
University Readers' high quality services made my course preparation and teaching much easier and more effective. Keep up the good work.
~ Dr. Chung-Shing Lee, Associate Professor, The Pacific Lutheran University School of Business (Pacific Lutheran University)
I have compiled this collection of articles because I believe there is a great need today for the insights the articles provide. The anthropologists whose articles are included here are masters in the field. Still, many of these articles are out-of-print and otherwise unavailable. In previous semesters, I could only make a few of them available for the use of my classes in anthropology and education, despite their currency and importance, vis-a-vis the pressing issues of our day. Obtaining copyright permissions was something I found virtually impossible in some cases, and at least formidable in others. As a consequence, I could only use some of the articles as library reserve readings, with limited practical utility for the course. So, I am especially indebted to Mary Kate Gadawski and her colleagues at University Readers for their awesome expertise in acquiring the permissions I was not successful in obtaining on my own.
~ Dr. David Julian Hodges, Professor, Anthropology (CUNY - Hunter College)
So far, so good. I was quite happy with the turn around and with the quality of the copying etc. I appreciate your fast work! I'll be sending your website link around my department with my recommendation.
~ Dr. Ellen M. Gil-Gomez, Assistant Professor, English (CSU San Bernardino)
Outstanding customer service. Great follow-up. Knowledgeable staff becomes involved in 'your' packet as it is put together. Quality of packets is excellent. I am trying to get my entire department to use University Readers.
~ Dr. Gary Meers, Ed.D. Professor, Special Ed. & Communication Disorders (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Very convenient. Affordable for students. I wouldn't go back to using a bookstore or copy place again!
~ Dr. Heather McCarty, History (Cal Poly)
Excellent customer service and a quality product. I was proud to use your course packs in my classes.
~ Dr. Susan Letteney, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences (York College - CUNY)
University Readers offers me a great way to get the information to my students without paying an arm and a leg for a text. With a reader I can include just the material I know the students will use, at a good price and with quick service.
~ Dr. Wanda Bryant, Faculty Member, Music (CalArts)
Thanks for all of your help and support. Looking forward to working with you in the future.
~ Elizabeth Brookins, Professor, Teacher Education Program (UC San Diego)
Thank you for the excellent readers you produced for my classes. You really put an amazing effort into the quality and I hope the students appreciate it. I have lectured in a few countries and your service is among the best I have seen.
~ Ezra Marcus, Professor, Anthropology (UC San Diego)
University Readers has provided us with superior service for the last 5-6 years. Their professionalism and attention to detail is remarkable! University Readers provides full service from taking care of all permissions and licensing to printing to distributing - all with quick turnover. The costs for the end product - Course Packs - is still below the other vendors we have looked at, and their flexibility (which I can say unequivocally makes my job much less stressful) and hard work has made my job much easier than it would have been using other vendors who unfortunately have little flexibility in our academic culture of last minute changes. I especially appreciate the synergistic relationship we have developed over the years as we continue to work together with the ubiquitous changes that occur in producing course packs for the UCI-GSM instructors. Oh, yes, I almost forgot to mention the staff. The University Readers staff is very professional in their correspondence and communication of status of orders. We could not be any happier! Keep up the terrific work!
~ Frank Carroll, MSB Course Material Coordinator, The Paul Merage School of Business (UC Irvine)
Great customer service!
~ Frank Szydlo, Professor, School of Business (Western New England College)
I'm satisfied with the service that you provided for LTEN 147, and I plan to make use of it in the future for other classes.
~ Fred Randel, Professor, Literature (UC San Diego)
Throughout this process, you and your company have been efficient, responsive, courteous, and helpful. Really, your customer service and overall quality has been a model for any business, and I'll most certainly use your service for future course packs as well.
~ Glenn Mackin, Professor, Political Science (University of Washington)
Textbooks should be on their deathbed; they provide far too much information in a way not targeted to individual students. The challenge in this century is not providing information; it is providing information in a way meaningful to a group of learners. Many students in middle and high school tote book-bags weighing over 50 lbs, and encounter their text materials in ways that are alienating and overwhelming. University Readers provides a way to connect students with high quality literature and study materials that is under the control of an individual teacher. This should indicate a direction for schools to move.
~ Huntington Lyman, 4-8 Academic Dean, 7 & 8 English, English (The Hill School)
University Readers provides a fast, efficient, convenient service at a reasonable cost. I will use them for all future course readers and will recommend them to colleagues; they are a pleasure to deal with.
~ Jacqui D'Warte, Lecturer, Education (UC Irvine)
I appreciated the very timely, custom-tailored service.
~ Jaemin Kim, Professor, SDSU College of Business Administration (San Diego State University)
I was completely delighted with University Readers, and vigorously recommend this service to any college or university instructor. The people at University Readers are fast, efficient, responsive, and attentive to detail. They made a beautiful set of course packs at a reasonable price, and delivered them swiftly to my students. Not least, they made the whole process extremely easy for me. What more could you ask for?
~ Jamie Mayerfeld, Associate Professor, Political Science (University of Washington)
I love your service: that you come to my office to pick up materials, are able to find and reuse past materials,take care of getting permissions, and come to the class to sell the packet. I also like having an identified person to deal with who keeps track of my packet, rather than always getting someone new who doesn't know what's been going on.
~ Janet Smarr, Professor, Theatre (UC San Diego)
I was very pleased with the personalized service I received from University Readers. They handled everything in a courteous and timely manner.
~ Jeff Geoghegan, Professor, Humanities (UC San Diego)
I deeply appreciate your willingness to work with my time schedule. Thanks!
~ Jill Pable, Assistant Professor, Design (CSU Sacramento)
I got hooked on University Readers years ago, as Bassim was starting up. His personal attention to detail and genuine concern for the product were then (and I assume are now) outstanding. Good product, no hassles, flexible arrangments... and always trying to improve the service. URS has done everything I needed, at prices that don't gouge students, & been fun to work with.
~ Jim Moore, Professor, Anthropology (UC San Diego)
Our experience with University Readers has been great. They are very good at getting our Course Packs done in an efficient manner, and their staff has been very accommodating... The quality of the course packs is excellent and well received not only by students, but by faculty members. Prior to University Readers professors were requesting two or three books and only using a few chapters out of each book. Now, I am able to save the department hundreds of dollars by letting University Readers obtain the copyright permissions and duplicate only those chapters and cases needed.
~ Joanne Madonia, EMBA Program Coordinator, Executive MBA Program (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Thanks for your great service!
~ Joel A. DuBois, Professor, Humanities & Religious Studies (CSU Sacramento)
I am highly impressed with the professional service you rendered to me.
~ John Oriji, Professor, History (Cal Poly)
Friendly, efficient service.
~ John R. Sachs, S.J., Academic Dean/Associate Professor, Religious Studies (Weston Jesuit School of Theology)
...I was very pleased with the turn-around time, the quality (appearance) of the product, and all interaction I had with your staff.
~ Josh Jacobson, Professor, Music (Northeastern University)
Thanks for your services this quarter - everything was great as usual.
~ Judith Halberstam, Professor, Literature (UC San Diego)
I just wanted to express my gratitude for your help in all of my courses over the past two years. You provide an excellent service at a very reasonable price and I have recommended your services to many of my colleagues. Thanks again.
~ Juliet McMullin, Professor, Anthropology (UC Irvine)
The service was excellent overall. Both the professionalism of the staff and the quick turnaround of copy production makes University Readers a good choice for faculty. I would definitely recommend them to others.
~ Katerina Lagos, Professor, History (CSU Sacramento)
Your service is great!
~ Kathleen Hancock, Professor, Political Science (University of Texas, San Antonio)
The reader seems to be working very well! Delivery was super speedy.
~ Kathryn M. Ervin, Professor, Humanities (CSU San Bernardino)
The customer service and turn around time was top notch. I was late in getting my course notes together, and University Readers produced the course packs in plenty of time before the quarter started.
~ Kent Smith, Professor, Statistics (Cal Poly)
University Readers provides truly excellent personal service through a combination of web and phone. The price to students is reasonable and the availability is quite prompt.
~ Kerry Curtis, PhD, Professor, Edward S. Ageno School of Business (Golden Gate University)
I have been very pleased with the service University Readers has provided over the past few years. Just as importantly, my students have told me how much they appreciate it.
~ Kurt Hunker, Professor, Architecture (NewSchool of Architecture and Design)
Thanks for the great books and the great service!
~ Larry Goldman, Professor, Psychology & Sociology (CSU Pomona)
It was really easy to get this done (once our teachers submitted their lists). You should really push into the 9-12 school market!
~ Laura Pearle, Head Librarian, Library (Hackley School)
Excellent service and great copyright management.
~ Leonard Lane, Professor, The Paul Merage School of Business (UC Irvine)
Very fast and professional service, prompt attention, can't get better!!!
~ Leonard Zegarski, Professor, Design (NewSchool of Architecture and Design)
The customer service is outstanding! University Readers responds quickly to your needs and provides an excellent product.
~ Lynn Mittler, Instructor, English (Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School)
I wouldn't dream of going elsewhere.
~ Marc Swartz, Professor, Anthropology (UC San Diego)
University Readers provides top quality, responsive product and service. The staff go way beyond expectations to get the job done.
~ Marc Ventresca, Professor, The Paul Merage School of Business (UC Irvine)
It was great to have the materials picked up and returned. Service was fast, efficient and courteous. I enjoyed working with your staff. The turn around time worked well in the schedule I had. Accurate changes were made to the contents. The product was neat and high quality.
~ Marie Judson, PhD Candidate, Communication (UC San Diego)
I used University Readers for the first time this spring, and I was very happy with the turnaround, customer service and quality of the copies. Even though I ordered for a relatively small group the price for the students was lower than when ordering from a copy shop.
~ Marion Gehlker, Director, German (Yale University)
A University Readers' staffer picked up my books from my home (she happened to live nearby), and they delivered the copies to my class promptly on the first day. Great service!
~ Marivi Blanco, Professor, Literature (UC San Diego)
Fast and efficient. Great service and flexibility.
~ Mark Camras, Professor, Communication (UC San Diego)
I have used University Readers now for a few years and have found them to be timely, courteous and professional in handing the preparation of readers for my courses. I am very happy with their service.
~ Mark J. Spalding, Professor, Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (UC San Diego)
From the beginning of my teaching experience, University Readers has provided a reliable course packet service for my demanding MBA classes. It's a source of mental peace to know that materials will be delivered efficiently and completely, as well as in a timely manner.
~ Marta M. Elvira, Associate Professor, The Paul Merage School of Business (UC Irvine)
I want to thank you for your excellent service during all the years that I have been using your services for my classes at UCSD. You have always been prompt, conscientious, and reliable. Very reliable, wonderful customer service. Always personable. My queries are always answered in a timely manner. You are wonderful, and I've been very lucky to find people as nice, pleasant, and efficient as you are to work with.
~ Marta Sanchez, Professor, Languages & Literatures (Arizona State University)
The Entrepreneur Program could not be more pleased with University Readers. Our custom covers set us apart in the school of business, as well as the university, and I've never seen such clear copies! My favorite part? The readers are never out of stock!! I don't have to harass the bookstore on a daily basis to find out where our readers are or make a dozen extra copies of an article when out-of-stock course readers hold up a class. Their staff is professional, enjoyable and quick to respond to any and all requests. I have been impressed by their attention to detail, ensuring that we receive only the best quality work. My only regret is that we did not start using their services earlier. I highly recommend University Readers.
~ Materials Coordinator, Business
I like the quick service and the clean final product. I do worry that the readers are expensive for students, and hope that all is done to keep prices to an absolute minimum. Overall, I'm pleased with the service.
~ Meg Wesling, Professor, Literature (UC San Diego)
Many thanks for your fabulous work! You are wonderful colleagues. You provide a wonderful service and are remarkably competent and efficient. Customer service is outstanding. I could not be more pleased. I have absolutely loved working with University Readers.
~ Melissa Kelley, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies (Weston Jesuit School of Theology)
Service is great!
~ Michael Stepner, Professor, Architecture (NewSchool of Architecture and Design)
I just want to let you know that I've already received 3 of the course packets we've ordered and they are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. I never expected to get them so fast, and they've exceeded all my expectations. I am so happy that we chose your company to produce these for us. In my email correspondence with everyone there, I can tell you that you have a great team of people working with you. So thank you! I've been showing these off to all my supervisors and coworkers
~ Michael Tucker, Course Materials Manager (Bowdoin College)
It was easy and a pleasure to work with you.
~ Miriam Kastner, Professor, Earth Sciences (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
Thanks for all the fast and effective work!
~ Mr. Agustin Orozco, Assistant Director, OASIS (UC San Diego)
Great customer service; quality work; service needs always met.
~ Mrs. Patsy O'Connor, Business Manager, OASIS (UC San Diego)
I had a terrific experience this term with your very professional organization. The entire process from securing copyrights to distributing the course packet was handled with the utmost professionalism and thoughtfulness. This is the very best service I have experienced at UCSD! I look forward to working with you again soon.
~ Nayan Shah, Professor, History (UC San Diego)
Thanks for your excellent services.
~ Neal Stoughton, Professor, The Paul Merage School of Business (UC Irvine)
University Readers is always prompt with its pickups and deliveries. A fast turn around time is important, especially when inter-quarter periods are short. I've always received the best service and attention from the staff, from beginning to end. Their packets are well designed and functional. The inclusion of a table of contents and pagination are useful features.
~ Pasquale Verdicchio, Professor, Literature (UC San Diego)
University Readers´ service is superb. Everyone in our program has been consistently impressed by the work University Readers does for us and our students. I've rarely encountered this kind of commitment to customer satisfaction in any business, anywhere, and I really appreciate it.
~ Patrick H. Patterson, Academic Coordinator & Professor, MMW (UC San Diego)
Seidy was such a responsive account manager that I have determined to go straight to the University Readers for all of my class material needs.
~ Paul Thompson, Lecturer, Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (UC San Diego)
University Readers makes producing a high quality reader easy and worry free. Their service is fantastic! Everyone that I have been in contact with has been very courteous and helpful. The Readers are always produced to our specifications.
~ Penny Schnabel, Administrative Assistant, Humanities Writing Program (UC San Diego)
University Readers provided the best text book I have ever seen. It has exactly what we wanted, and it has almost unlimited possibilities. My only regret is that I didn't start using their products earlier.
~ Philip Fickling, Upper School English Department Chair, English (Francis Parker School)
Fast turnaround, courteous service, easy to work with! University Readers is always available to provide service and answer questions.
~ Rachel Shinnar, Assistant Professor, Walker College of Business (Appalachian State University)
I was extremely satisfied with your services. You delivered the readers on time, showed up at my class to sell them and produced a clear and readable product.
~ Randy Sturman, Professor, Anthropology (UC San Diego)
University Readers has been producing readers for my international security class for over five years. They come in ahead of schedule, under cost, cleanly organized, impeccably packaged, and generally flawless. All these qualities unfortunately make analogies with the defense industry difficult.
~ Randy Willoughby, Professor, Political Science (University of San Diego)
University Readers did a great job on both my course readers, each of which was 500 pages of material printed under tight time pressure. Thanks to their outstanding quality and customer service, University Readers has been top quality in both product and service, a joy to work with in all respects. I cannot recommend them highly enough, for once I pass on my reading list to them, I have no more worries. The production is fast, and the price is very economical. I'm sure no university bookstore or printing service can match them for quality, service or price. They are the ideal outsourcing solution. University Readers is the best!
~ Richard Chandler, R. H. Chandler Co., Adjunct Professor, The Paul Merage School of Business (UC Irvine)
Thank you very much for your prompt and courteous service. As General MacArthur said, 'I shall return.'
~ Richard Clifford, S.J., Religious Studies (Weston Jesuit School of Theology)
The reader allows for tailoring reading material to suit the content of the course. It allows the instructor to cater to the needs of the students, something a single textbook would not allow.
~ Robert Clark, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology (Cal Poly)
You guys are the greatest!
~ Robert Zelickman, Professor, Music (UC San Diego)
I just wanted to pass on to you the compliments University Readers received from my students. I asked if there were any problems with the books, and the immediate responses were that the service was great, the books arrived so fast, it was very easy, and the free on-line pages were so helpful. One woman said her credit card number had been entered incorrectly, and apparently someone from University Readers had actually called her and been extremely nice and helpful about the whole thing... Overall - rave reviews! Not one complaint! After years of frustration with the costs and complications of doing readers myself or through the campus printshop, I found University Readers, and have been using them for two years. They are smart professionals: responsive, competent, and quick, AND, to top it off, they are a pleasure to work with. I recommend them highly with no hesitation at all.
~ Sally Turner, Professor, Journalism (CSU Northridge)
Everything about my experience with University Readers was just great.
~ Sandra Robertson, Professor, Languages & Literatures (University of San Diego)
Once again, I am completely satisfied with University Readers. Everyone on the staff is so easy to work with, not just tolerating my difficulties but solving them for me! A young woman even came to my house to pick up my box of materials when she saw my address was not too far from hers. Now that's service!
~ Sandra Robertson, Professor, Spanish (CalArts)
Thank you so much. Let me tell you how impressed I am about you and Erin's quick response and professional follow-through. This has been a pleasant experience, I hope we will continue to work together in the future.
~ Sang-Hee Lee, Assistant Professor, Anthropology (UC Riverside)
It has been great working with you. Since I was so happy with your services, I've been singing your praises and have recommended you to a bunch of people in my department for next quarter! I'll definitely be using your course readers again.
~ Sharon Block, Professor, History (UC Irvine)
Our Middle School English department developed the custom literature textbook primarily because the Prentice-Hall edition we had used for so many years was going out of print. Additionally, the volume was so expensive and heavy that it was difficult for our Middle Schoolers to carry in a backpack. We used another company for two years before our research led us to University Readers. We were immediately impressed by the company's quality of service and knowledge of copyright law, and we have found University Readers' policies regarding copyright fees both fair and consistent. Our entire experience with Seidy and Erin last year was extraordinarily pleasant and helpful, and we have been completely satisfied with the product. It really has all that we need--it is lightweight, easy to use, and cost effective. (And--please tell Seidy and Erin--the binder holes that they agreed to have drilled in each book has resulted in fewer lost ones!)
~ Sherley Keith, Coordinator, Middle School English (St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School)
I have used University Readers for four years. I've prepared readers for at least one course every term during that period. UR has been absolutely terrific. The staff has been exceptionally helpful and responsive both to me and to my students. The turnaround time has been exceptionally rapid. In some cases, they have produced a reader on time even though I did not get the copy in until two weeks before the term started. The books are very well done--clean, orderly, and readable. It has been a pleasure working with this company. I recommend them to all of my colleagues.
~ Stanley Chodorow, Professor, History (UC San Diego)
University Readers is the most efficient and responsible service I have used. I highly recommend them.
~ Steven Shapin, Professor, History of Science (Harvard University)
University Readers specializes in personal service, fast turnaround, good quality, and low prices. Does it get any better than that?
~ Susan King, Professor, English (Lipscomb University)
I've been very pleased with your service, and I will definitely use it again. The course reader looks great, and the students have had no problems using your website. Many thanks!
~ Tamar Schapiro, Assistant Professor, Philosophy (Stanford University)
Reliable, accommodating, extremely professional. There is no competition.
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~ Thomas Cardoza, Professor, Humanities (Truckee Meadows Community College)
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